The National Convention of ASCEMCOL (CNA) is an event that has been characterized by being a space that allows intellectual and personal growth of medical students; this occurs through conferences that present different topics of interest to all health community through seminars on updating and strengthening of different subjects, given by professionals in different areas, making the CNA one of the flagship events of ASCEMCOL.

Furthermore, scientific production plays an important role in this event, since within the framework of the congress, a scientific contest is held where students and members of research groups share with the scientific community their projects, posters, papers, etc., creating an atmosphere of professionalism and passion for the science, also finding special recognition such as the Young Researcher Award.

In addition to this, being a space that brings together people from all over the country, allows the meeting of the ASCEMCOL directive members, setting a space to further grow the Association, strengthen the pillars and internal relations of it, it raise new strategies for the community and science, and finally, solve the current problems, all in a professional and organized, followed by an agenda and internal structuring.

In this occasion, for 2021, it will be held focused on the theme of maternal and newborn health, hoping to have all the ASCEMCOL associates and invite professionals even from other careers that could find in our congress a way to solve doubts. We are waiting for you!

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