Publicity and Media Division (DPM)

Advertising is not just shapes and colors but transmit feelings, join us to teach healthy habits and more from advertising strategies. #DPMonsters  


NPM Y CoNPM: National Publicity and Media Officers

We are responsible of looking after the association´s image and it´s correct diffusion. Another of our duties is to listen to National and Local Officer´s ideas, and try to capture and project them in publicity. Additionally, we capacitate and give Local Officers accompaniment in marketing and publicity to raise all of the Local Association´s images, and with so ASCEMCOL´s, because more than a division we are a family. We are also responsible of creating and distributing our official products, and we are behind of the maintenance of this web page, the official blog, social networks and much more.

What is DPM?

The Media and Publicity Division (DPM), makes part of the Latin-American Virtual Media group of FELSOCEM and it´s in charge of various activities carried out by the Local Associations members, and by ASCEMCOL itself (by it´s committees), as well as managing and giving continuity to the virtual and physical promotion resources and media.

The objective of our division is:

Regulate, promote and expand the corporate image of ASCEMCOL through activities and / or projects, and to divulge them via physical and virtual media that we consider pertinent

Some of our activities are:

We take care of receiving design requests of advertisement for activities or events related to the objectives of ASCEMCOL, through a virtual format establishing delivery dates. We also carry out activities to promote publicity and media such as talks and training. Additionally, we are in charge of choosing what to publish taking into account aesthetics and impact parameters. We create ASCEMCOL products.



DPM is in charge of certain functions in each national event, as a local officer you must actively participle, if you attend any of these events:

  • CUMIS: We held the CUMIS awards and the regions challenge.
  • CECIM: We support the making of the national meeting of medical editors and journals, and face to face meeting of the division are held.
  • CAN: We organize the ASCEMCOL awards and you must attend the DPM workshops.


Frequent questions:

What should I do to use the ASCEMCOL logo?

You must request the endorsement for its use, this can be done by sending the advertising with the ASCEMCOL logo to our email

Topics covered by the division:

  • Everything related to to the image of the association
  • Advertising and media
  • Marketing
  • Neuromarketing

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