Ecology and Sustainable Development Division (DECOS)

At DECOS we educate, raise awareness, take care of our planet and establish sustainable development measures. Change your chip!

National Officer


NECOS: National Ecology and Sustainable Development Officer

I'm the person who works with the Board of Directors, the Committees, the Divisions and directly with the Local Associations to implement in their work plans a more eco-sustainable vision and projects or activities with the mission of working from ASCEMCOL in favor of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). You can participate in the growth process of DECOS or in the activities that are carried out, educate yourself a little more on environmental issues, the SDG and how they are integrated with medicine, in order to contribute initiatives in your day-to-day life. can promote the creation of alternatives for these topics.

What is DECOS? 

The Permanent Division of Ecology and Sustainable Development, or DECOS, will be in charge of working to achieve the maximum reduction of the negative impact that ASCEMCOL's activities (nationally and locally) can generate on the environment; as well as the scope of a positive impact that guarantees the environmental sustainability of the association; and to promote and support the work that the other divisions and standing committees carry out in favor of the Sustainable Development Goals that concern them in accordance with their pillars. This work will be carried out transversally to all instances of the association.

DECOS Focus areas:

  • Environmental education
  • Health and ecology
  • Medicine and Sustainable Development

The general objective of our committee is:

DECOS aims to relate health phenomena with the environmental dimension, to understand the social dynamics that are intertwined with subjects, territories and natural resources. From the Division, medical students are the human capital to lead processes in favor of problems, which are related to the SDG; to this end, it seeks to promote and manage strategies that contribute to achieving an ecological balance in the environments and, in turn, being sustainable, maintaining health in all its dimensions.


  • Improve ASCEMCOL's knowledge of sustainable development, ecology and eco-sustainability, through various educational and innovative strategies that allow generating individual and collective awareness, as well as improving lifestyles.
  • Generate initiatives and proposals that lead to a reduction in the carbon footprint and the water footprint in medical students, their families and their groups.
  • Promote that local and national activities implement the eco-sustainability stamp, as a distinctive element of compliance with these strategies.
  • Highlight the member of ASCEMCOL for his ability to create and develop projects in favor of working on the SDGs, in which an alternative to the problems embodied in these is provided.

Topics covered by DECOS:

  • Human ecology
  • Environmental education
  • Carbon footprint
  • Water footprint
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Environment and mental health

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