Capacity Building Division (CBD)

Capacity development allows us to face a world full of challenges. It is in our projects, our trainings, our activities, our campaigns and our workshops that magic happens.

National Officer


NOCB: National Capacity Building Officer

As a National Training and Coaching Officer, I´m responsible of working with other committees in the identification of shortcomings or failures within medical students and the Colombian community, so we can intervene through training and coaching, our fundamental axes in the division.

What is CBD?

In the Capacity Building Division (CBD) as it is known internationally, we have the spinal column as a representative symol, this showing that this division is the organization´s support. We identify shortcomings in the Association and also help to solve them through training, which is a method of peer education. In this way, we ensure that the medical leaders of tomorrow are shaped and strengthened by the student leaders of today.

Peer education is at the heart of ASCEMCOL and IFMSA´s capacity building efforts, and as such, we have implemented programs and opportunities to ensure that medical students can strengthen their own skills through giving back to their peers. Most of the topics embedded in the training division are not discussed and / or taught in medical schools, and as such allow medical students to further develop the skill set and abilities often required in professional life of any healthcare worker.

The objective of our division is:

Promote, coordinate, carry out and supervise training activities for all ASCEMCOL members, based on peer education, the use of evidence-based methods and materials, following the premise of learning through experience and doing in first person on behalf of your community or work team.

In CBD we have to main pillars in its operation: Coaching and Training.

The trainings are non-formal trainings that are carried out through peer education focused on the development of medical and non-medical skills and abilities, applicable on a personal, emotional and professional level, being carried out through presentation and feedback dynamics.

The Coaching´s a set of practical activities aimed at expanding the knowledge, skills and aptitudes of the people whom it is directed

Therefore, we participate in the local activities of the permamente committees and carry out trainings from various national events (sessions at national, local or socem events, trainings of each permanent committee) and at an international level, such as SRT (Sub Regional Trainings), during the sessions of the Regional Meeting, March Meeting, August Meeting and organized specific training events such as TNHRT, TNT, TMET, among others.

Topics covered by the division

Some examples of the training topics provided by the CBD are: Advocacy, Communication Skills, Conflict Prevention, Debate Skills, Facilitation Skills, Financial Management, Fund Raising, Transfer and Continuity, Intercultural Learning, Leadership, Motivational skills, Negotiation skills, Project management, Public relations and marketing, time management.

Some of the trainings that we have certified by IMFSA and available nationally are:

  • International Peer Education Trainings (IPET/Advanced IPET)
  • Training New Trainers, Training Old Trainers, Training Experienced Trainers (TNT/TOT/TET)
  • Training New Human Rights Trainers (TNHRT)
  • Training Medical Education Trainers (TMET)
  • Training in global health and / or public health
  • And many more!

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