Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace (SCORP)

Each SCORPion wants to build a more beautiful world… and together we make it possible, one act of love at a time, because 1 + 1 is not 2, but a bigger 1. Join us!.

National Officer
Maria Jose Lara


NORP: National Human Rights and Peace Officer

I’m the person in charge of coordinate the activities, campaigns and projects relates with the SCORP theme. You can come to me if you want to participate in some of the national activities that we are realizing; if you want to take advantage of the opportunities of support and participation in international trainings or campaigns; if you need orientation in how develop your own local or national activities with a Human Right focus, aimed at build peace or provide humanitarian aid; if you want know more about SCORP and the topics that it takes, and receive capacitation and education.

What is SCORP?

The Standing Committee of Human Rights, Refugees and Peace (SCORP) comes from the IFMSA, reason why it carries out national and international projects. SCORP has the vision of a pacific world where all the people have a full and equalitarian access to their Human Rights, where no one is leaved behind, where the most needed people are priority and where all the society, even the medical students and health workers, are together to support the vulnerable groups. For this SCORP wants to educate and motivate the medical students to promote and actively protect the peace and the Human Rights through the advocacy, the defense, the capacitation and sensibilization, beside of give them support in the realization of projects and activities that contribute to build a pacific and fair world.

The objectives of our committee are:

  • Improve the knowledge of students about Human Rights, the peace construction, the humanitarian response, the international humanitarian law and the Human Rights violation.
  • Provide tools and abilities to the medical students for act in the way of the Human Rights and ethic, even in clinical context as in daily life.
  • Support and create activities like campaigns, capacitation and promotion.
  • Create, support and coordinate campaigns and projects that benefit the most vulnerable communities.
  • Formulate resolutions and statements that shows the ASCEMCOL`s determination in terms of Human Rights, dignified and nondiscriminatory health care, among many others.

2. We realize diverse activities around the next themes:

  • Human Rights.
  • Peace.
  • Refugees.
  • Medical ethics.
  • Humanitarian action, disaster risk and emergencies.
  • Dignified and nondiscriminatory health care.
  • Vulnerable populations.
  • Children’s rights and health.
  • Genre based violence.
  • Mental health.

3. Some of the activities that we realize in national level are:

  • Education (trainings, workshop…) in the committee subject.
    • Human Rights based approach.
    • Peace construction.
    • Humanitarian action, disaster risk and emergencies.
    • Dignified and nondiscriminatory health care.
    • Children’s rights and health.
    • Genre based violence.
    • Mental health.
    • Climate change and Human Rights
  • Community help activities, volunteering and donations.
  • Sensibilization and promotion campaigns.
  • Everyone you want to propose!

Some featured  

  • Christmas is giving smiles.
  • SCORP forums.
  • Donation collect (CAMPIS, CUMIS).
  • Eco-Friendly stamp.

SCORP AROUND THE WORLD: The opportunities you have through IFMSA

  • Training New Human Right Trainers (TNHRT): This workshop cover a broad range of basic topics, that include story and Human Rights declaration, the health rights, different situations which Human Rights are infringed, as well as the methods to practice this knowledge and create a society impact.
  • Human Rights for Medical Practitioners (HRMP): An advanced capacitation in Human Rights and ethical principles in clinical context, health and migrants and refugees’ rights, as well as a spread spectrum of shorter capacitation sessions of specific topics.
  • Training Disaster Medicine Trainers (TdmT) and International Training on Disaster Medicine (ITDM): These are capacitation created by SCORP of IFMSA in collaboration with CRIMEDIM. This is an university academic center that perform research, education and capacitation in the disaster medicine field and humanitarian health.
  • SCORP Camp: Annual camp of capacitation in which are meet participant around the world, go to trainings, share experiences and have fun. Also is an opportunity of discussing the Human Rights among different point of view and different cultural aspects.
  • GoSCORP (SCORP Exchange): Is a platform of volunteering projects, whose objective is unify some SCORP projects around the world in an unique accessible data base for all the SCORPions in the world, meanwhile improve the promotion, the support and quality of individual activities.

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