Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE)

Trade the world with us, travel and attend a rotation in the country of your choice. Live this great professional and cultural experience!

NEO IN: National Exchange Officer for Incomings

I am the person in charge of coordinating the assignment of all foreign students who wish to come to Colombia for clinical internships or to see non-clinical course classes, in the universities that have the capacity and requirements to receive them. In addition, in collaboration with the "NEO OUT", we coordinate activities of the committee on issues related to the promotion of international academic mobility.


The CPRII-SCOPE is an integration between the FELSOCEM and IFMSA exchange committees. CPRII (Standing Committee on International Relations and Exchanges) and SCOPE (Standing Committee on Professional Exchanges). We are committees run by students for students. Therefore our main objective is to facilitate exchanges around the world for Colombian medical students. Through SCOPE, Colombian medical students, regardless of their semester, will be able to apply for exchanges around the world, where they will be hosted by a university that will guarantee them a stay and at least one meal a day. The ease at which exchange programs can be accessed will surprise you.

The aim of SCOPE is to promote cultural understanding and co-operation amongst medical students and all health professionals, through the facilitation of international student exchanges.


  • To increase mobility and to widen the horizon of medical students worldwide.
  • To provide medical students with the possibility to experience healthcare in another culture with different health and education systems, and to learn how differences in culture and believes are of influence.
  • To create possibilities for medical students to learn about global health issues, primary health concerns and basic epidemiology of the host country, and how it differs from their home country.
  • To provide students with the chance to improve their medical knowledge, their vision on medical issues and their practical knowledge depending on the regulations of the host country.
  • To facilitate the connection between medical students and other health professionals and to provide a platform for future cooperation amongst medical students with each other and with health professionals across the globe.
  • To maintain affordable professional exchange tuition through its governing body to ensure that medical students within the National Member Organizations can participate in the exchanges with a minimal financial burden.
  • To make sure students are aware of the ethical aspects regarding their exchange to assure the burden on society, patients, the recourses and the healthcare system is as limited as possible.

We carry out various activities on the following topics:

  • International mobility.
  • Professional exchanges.
  • Interculturality.

Some of our activities that we carry out at the national level are:

Our main activity is called "ExchangeWeek", a week during which, internationally, different activities are carried out locally in order to stimulate the academic mobility of students, who in turn get to know different cultures around the world and expand their knowledge about the exchange process.

Currently, we have 10 universities with active agreements, which means that they are able to receive students for professional exchanges:

  • Universidad CES (ACEMCES), Medellín.
  • Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira (ACEMRIS), Pereira.
  • Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga (ACEMUNAB), Bucaramanga.
  • Universidad del Quindio (ASEIMUQ), Armenia.
  • Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnologica de Colombia (ACEMEDUPTC), Tunja.
  • Universidad ICESI (ACEMIC), Cali.
  • Universidad Santiago de Cali (ACEMUSC), CaliPalmira.
  • Universidad de Manizales (ACEMEDUM), Manizales.
  • Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (ACEMUCC), Medellin.
  • Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia Villavicencio (ACEMED UCC), Meta.

Frequently asked questions about incoming exchanges:

  • What are the benefits of receiving an incoming?

Initially, receiving an incoming is one of the means by which you can earn points to, in the future, make your own exchange to the country of your choice.

The experience of receiving an incoming is enriching for him/her as well as for the recipient. It is the opportunity to expand your worldview through the eyes of another person, who comes from another country, with other beliefs, with another culture, etc. You will keep an international friend forever, almost a sibling from another mother.

  • I can't receive an incoming, can I help in any other way?

Of course! And you can get points in the process! In most cases, our incomings are visiting our beautiful country for the first time, so they usually need someone to accompany and guide them during their stay in the city or throughout the country. This is when you make our contribution, being a guide of an incoming, accompanying him/her to know your city, other municipalities, sharing a little time with him/her. Remember that this is another way in which you can earn points for your own exchange.

NEO OUT: National Exchange Officer for Outgoings

I am the person in charge of coordinating the professional exchanges of ASCEMCOL students. My job is to be the communication channel between students from Colombia and their destination country. Through the CPRII-SCOPE committee our students gain access to a great number of opportunities that help them to be part of other cultures, understand other health systems and learn what it is like to study medicine in another country. In addition, with the NEO In, we coordinate activities of the committee in terms of promoting international academic mobility.

Frequently asked questions about outgoing exchanges:

  • What is a professional exchange?

The Professional Exchange Program offers medical students a unique academic and cultural experience, allowing them to broaden their understanding of medical and social conditions in different countries.  

SCOPE exchanges have a duration of 4 weeks.They will be able to choose between several options of rotations and cities offered by the destination country. They will be provided with accommodation, at least one meal a day and the respective tuition fees during their stay. At the end of their stay, they will receive a certificate from IFMSA for the completion of the exchange.

How can I apply?

I need to join ASCEMCOL to apply?


The Standing Committee on Professional Exchanges (SCOPE) was the first committee created by IFMSA in 1951. Although it originally started with only 8 European countries, today it has become one of the largest student-run exchange programs in the world.

It currently mobilizes approximately 17,000 medical students per year from more than 100 national organizations. For more information please visit the following page

"The World Is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only One Page"

-Saint Augustine of Hippo

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