Standing Committee on Medical Education (CPEM-SCOME)

It is time for us to take initiative on our learning process, join the committee and together with your experiences and ideas, let's go out and undertake great projects.

National Officer


NOME: National Officer on Medical Education

I’m in charge of coordinating medical education projects, these include from basic/clinic and scientific academic training to intercultural medical care and a well-based medicine student education, from a local to a national or even an international level, always looking for an active participation of the students in their learning process and national interaction. If you have any ideas on how to complement your program to improve  your academic development and of your peers, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


The Standing Committee on Medical Education, belongs to IFMSA and FELSOCEM. Our goal is to improve and/or upgrade medical students' academic performance, complementing their programs and boosting their abilities through activities like conferences, workshops, training, etc, using all technological and human resources available.

The general objective of our committee is:

  • To promote and complement academic, research and multidisciplinary development in medical students in Colombia, as tools for their future professional practice.


  • To give different resources for the learning process of medicine students
  • To promote in medicine students the spark of innovation, opinion, critical thinking and leadership towards our country’s current situation
  • To increase knowledge and scientific production since Med School
  • To highlight the importance about the correct approach of the medical practice with intercultural and special needs population
  • To ease communication and interaction with IFMSA and FELSOCEM

We perform diverse group activities regarding:

  • Research during undergrad
  • History of medicine
  • Academic topics: basic and clinical sciences
  • Special needs population medical care
  • intercultural medical care
  • Colombian health policies
  • SDGs
  • Health advocacy

Some of the activities we do nationally are:

General Activities

  • academic infographics every monday
  • short videos including tips about an specific topic every friday medical trivia

Events like

  • medical congress, seminars, debates, workshops and trainings
  • feedback forums and twitter polls
  • virtual contests with certification
  • national clinical case reports’ contests through virtual platforms

Featured Activities

  • National Clinical Journals Editors’ meeting
  • Rare diseases international scientific contest (CCIER)
  • Leaders in Medical Education, a multicenter research project that seeks to give general advice on Colombian Medical Education
  • Upon-Arrival trainings

Fun fact:

Our committe’s pet is a panda called Minshi, that means wisdom, refering to CPEM-SCOME’s intention tu ensure academic quality in every aspect.

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