Standing Committee for Scientific Evaluation and Development (CPEDEC)

At CPEDEC we promote scientific development and research training, training agents of change that build scientific culture with a social vocation.

National Officer


ONEDEC: National Scientific Evaluation and Development Officer

I'm the person in charge of leading, supporting and encouraging all initiatives and projects related to scientific development, research and science. Our career and future profession is based on scientific advances and discoveries that every day allow us to see health problems in human beings and possible solutions to them from another perspective; This is why it is essential to cultivate and promote research at the undergraduate level

If you need guidance to structure and develop your own initiatives with a scientific approach at a local, national or international level, if you need personalized advice and guidance about the committee or if you want to know more about our scientific journal "Colombian Journal of Medical Students", please contact me.

What is CPEDEC?

The Standing Committee for Scientific Evaluation and Development (CPEDEC) is a permanent committee of the Association of Scientific Societies of Medical Students of Colombia (ASCEMCOL), representing the Latin American Federation of Scientific Societies of Medical Students (FELSOCEM), which Through research training, creation of research projects, publication of scientific articles and presentations, it seeks to guide the medical student in their training process towards the area of scientific research to train integral doctors, with critical, production and analysis capacity of high quality scientific articles.

The general objective of our committee is:

The general objective of the committee is to promote and encourage scientific research at ASCEMCOL through the development and promotion of scientific projects in its various areas (multicenter projects, clinical cases, research work, medical photography and medical video), as well as the scientific evaluation of the events carried out by ASCEMCOL.

CPEDEC Focus areas:

  • Investigation methodology
  • Evidence based medicine
  • Bioethics
  • Epidemiology
  • Writing scientific articles
  • Multidisciplinary research applied to the current context


  • Training in basic and advanced research (talks, courses, workshops)
  • Infographics and videos related to research (methodology and scientific advances)
  • Advice for the development of research projects
  • Journal Club:context based on science and research
  • CEFC: Centers for Study and Scientific Training
  • GIS: research camp
  • Congresses, talks, forums, symposia related to scientific development and research.
  • Support and advice to scientific events at ASCEMCOL (CUMIS, CECIM, CNA)

Scientific events:

ASCEMCOL offers different events of a scientific nature, which take place within the framework of national ASCEMCOL events. Among these we find the CUMIS, the CECIM and the CNA, in which scientific competitions are held and the members of the Association have the possibility of presenting their scientific works in categories such as:

  • Research protocol
  • Investigation project
  • Medical video
  • Medical photography
  • Clinical case

At an international level, ASCEMCOL members can participate in the International Scientific Congress of FELSOCEM (CCI); In this event, medical students from all over Latin America compete with their scientific works in categories such as:

  • Research protocol
  • Investigation project
  • Multicenter project
  • Medical video
  • Medical photography
  • Clinical case

CPEDEC supports the initiatives of any ASCEMCOL member that justifies the academic scientific component that benefits ASCEMCOL.

Young researcher of the year award

The “Young Researcher of the Year award” is a recognition granted by ASCEMCOL, it is an academic recognition that seeks to promote and encourage research by offering a stimulus to young medical student researchers who have dedicated part of their lives to the production of science , research, development and technology in the area of ​​medical sciences in an integral way.

How to apply for the young researcher of the year award?

If you want to aspire to recognition, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Motivation letter in which you explain your reasons for participating in the contest and justify why you think you should be the person who receives this recognition. In addition, you must add a paragraph in which you accept the conditions established in the ASCEMCOL regulations.
  2. Complete curriculum vitae, as an affidavit. Also, you must append:

           2.1. Name and summary of the original works of your authorship, as main author or collaborator.

           2.2. Documents that support the veracity of the projects, presentations and work that you have done as a researcher.

The requested documents must be sent within the framework of the CNA event, to the corresponding emails, according to the CNA scientific bulletin in force for that year.

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