Local Centers for Complementary Education: A support strategy for medicine programs

Local Centers for Complementary Education: A support strategy for medicine programs

Local Centers for Complementary Education: A support strategy for medicine programs

Autor: Camilo Antonio Vega Useche 

Oficial Nacional de Educación Médica 2020-2021

Education is the way for the development, integration and consolidation of knowledge systems, values ​​and abilities and it is the process of construction of the modes of action, constituting the knowledge, know-how, doing and being of each professional. (1,2)

Throughout of the medical training, medical students are significantly affected in their learning process in one or more thematic focus thanks to deficiencies in the medical education imparted by their universities caused by intrinsic factors of the pedagogical methodologies and extrinsic factors generated by the environment of the university and the medical student, continuously generating deficits in the development of competencies, aptitudes, leadership and knowledge integrated into student learning. (3,4)

As a response to these deficiencies in pedagogical diversities and autonomous factors of each program and in view of the lack of deepening in areas of knowledge necessary for the training of the integral doctor, from the Colombian Medical Student Association of Scientific Societies (ASCEMCOL) we created the Local Centers for Complementary Education ( CELECs) in order to learn, review, teach and strengthen medical training by providing decisive, purposeful and innovative pedagogical support from individuality and plurality.

These centers have the purpose of solving and improving the problems and conditions in medical education of medicine programs in a personalized way, strengthening the competencies, aptitudes and leadership of students in specific theoretical areas, periodically developing activities governed by teaching and learning methodologies such as talks, round tables, doctor-patient role plays, monitoring, workshops, topic reviews, trivia, tournaments, magazine clubs, symposiums, congresses, workshops and others.

The target group on which this activity is based are students from the medical programs of each university who continuously benefit from the products of each local center. The optimal medical skills of the student strengthened by these centers allow a multidisciplinary and comprehensive professional practice, directly generating better results in the health system of which the populations of our environment are beneficiaries.

Because we understand that medical education does not contribute to what we will do but to what we are, and we know that what we learn today will tomorrow be what changes our world, makes us evolve as doctors but above all makes us create and cultivate an academic culture with a social vocation.

In the midst of a world that does not stop, we not only dream but we propose to create a new way of seeing medical education, by committing ourselves to this profession we must take the academy beyond our classrooms and offices, we must find and strengthen what we it brings us closer and allows us to improve our world, because we know that by changing the life of a single person we are changing the lives of many and our commitment is with results.


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