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Oficial Nacional de Educación Médica 2020-2021

According to the World Health Organization in the world there are more than 1 billion people living with some type of disability, this population over the years goes through a great variety of obstacles, however one of the main ones is deficiency in access to optimal health care services, becoming a global public health problem. ("10 Facts on disability", 2020)

Article 25 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognizes that the population with disabilities has the right to enjoy the highest possible level of health without discrimination, however this right is continuously violated by various barriers. (Article 25 - Health | United Nations Enable. ("Article 25 - Health | United Nations Enable", 2006)

Those barriers that limit access to health care for this population are unaffordable costs, the limited supply of services, physical obstacles, and inadequate skills and knowledge of health personnel about the correct management of disability. ("Disability and health", 2020)

The inclusion of disability in the health sector is not only based on the generation of health policies, as it also has to do with medical education from the preparation of staff to develop an effective response to disability in their professional practice.

As medical students and participatory agents in the educational and curricular process, we must ensure the inclusion of disability within our academic training and promote the development of environments, settings and knowledge that favor the creation of skills and abilities necessary to address the individual health needs of people with disabilities bearing in mind their heterogeneity approach.

It is for the aforementioned that our knowledge and awareness about disability reflects the growing acceptance that disability is part of the human condition and that under our action as health professionals we can not only save lives, we can also improve them

Becouse health sciences are an integral knowledge and our duty is social,becouse disability is not an impossibility, becouse today and every day of the year must be #adayforall.


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