Since 1994 ASCEMCOL has acquired the status of FEDERATED to the LATINAMERICAN FEDERATION OF MEDICAL STUDENT`S SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES, which is an entity dedicated to promote the development of scientific research in the undergraduate Medical Schools in Latin America, by increasing the number of quality researches, improving the scientific level of these works and promoting scientific fairness at a regional and Latinamerican level, among other activities.

The International Scientific Congress (CCI) is the main event in FELSOCEM, it is organized annually by a Scientific Society (SOCEM) through an organizing committee, which obtained the designation as host through a nomination two years earlier by majority vote of international delegates at the corresponding Ordinary General Assembly.

  • ASCEMCOL hosted the CCI on two occasions, in 1991 in Manizales and in 1998 in Cartagena.
  • This year the XXXIV version of this congress is being held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

From the hand of some FELSOCEM members and the participation of CPAIS, arises the creation of the Multidisciplinary University Research and Service Camp (CUMIS), which has more than 17 years of being realized in different countries throughout the continent and has been carried in Colombia for 10 years, its last version was performed in Murillo, Tolima

In 2001 the Regional Courses of Zone (CRZ) were carried out for the first time, being constituted like the academic and scientific greatest event of the zones. The CRZ, is an activity endorsed by the FELSOCEM, which corresponds to the approval and implementation of a project type “Scientific Congress” of international character, which covers mainly a zone of the federation, with open invitation to any attendee. To hold it, it must have the approval of the delegates of their respective zone and the FELSOCEM’s CD.

ASCEMCOL has hosted the Regional Course of Zone C twice, in 2017 with the CECIM-Villa de Leyva and in 2019 with the CNA-Tunja.


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