Our History

Our History

The first statutes of ASCEMCOL were approved in its Founding Assembly, which met in Barranquilla, Colombia on February 12, 1989, in which representatives of the Faculty of Medicine of the following founding universities participated:

  • Universidad de Caldas
  • Universidad de de Cartagena
  • Universidad de del Norte
  • Universidad del Quindío
  • Universidad De Industrial de Santander
  • Universidad Surcolombiana
  • Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira.

This founding Assembly was in charge of having the first contact with FELSOCEM, Latin American Federation of Scientific Societies of Medical Students, by attending the I Latin American Student Scientific Congress in August 1989 in the city of Lima, Peru.


  • Organization of the International Scientific Congress (ICC) of FELSOCEM, Manizales


  • We acquired the status of "Federated SOCEM" within the FELSOCEM


  • Organization of the International Scientific Congress (ICC) of FELSOCEM, Cartagena


  • It is held in Cali with the coordination of the Scientific Association of medical students of the Free University (ACEMLI), the XII Colombian Student Congress of Medical Research and the V Colombo-Venezolano, but new events are created within it: I Colombian Congress Research Physicians and the I Colombo-Cuban Congress.


  • We acquired the status of "full member" of the IFMSA.


  • Holding of the Americas Regional Meeting (AMR) of the IFMSA. Pre-RM: Armenia, RM: Cali


  • Realization of the I version of the Training New Trainers (TNT), Cali


  • Realization of the II version of the Training New Trainers (TNT), Manizales.
  • Realization of the I version in Colombia of the SCORP Camp.
  • Launch of the Colombian Journal of Medical Students.


  • Realization of the Sub Regional Training (SRT) of the IFMSA, Neiva
  • Realization of the Latin Americas Cooperation on Maternal Health and Access to Safe Abortion (LACMA), Cali


  • 30 years of ASCEMCOL.
  • Realization of the first version of the International Training on Disaster Medicine (ITDM) in Latin America, Armenia.
  • XXX version of the Colombian Student Congress of Medical Education (CECIM), Medellín.
  • Realization of the international CUMIS and Regional Course of Zone C FELSOCEM.
  • Realization of the I and II version of the MUN (Model United Nations) in ASCEMCOL, Cali and Bucaramanga.
2017 - 2018
2018 - 2019
2019 - 2020
YearsPresidents after the years
2020 - 2021Santiago Arias HenaoUniversidad de Caldas
2019 - 2020Juan Pablo Moncada ZapataUniversidad de Caldas
2018 - 2019Leonel Vega UsecheUniversidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia 
2017 - 2018Juan Camilo Londoño MartínezUniversidad del Quindio
2016 - 2017Juan Manuel Jaramillo MejíaUniversidad del Quindio
2014 - 2016Estefania López RamirezUniversidad CES
2013 - 2014Luis Gabriel Parra LaraUniversidad del Valle
2012 - 2013 Daniel Tobón GarcíaUniversidad Tecnológica de Pereira
2010 - 2012Alvaro Mondragón CardonaUniversidad Tecnológica de Pereira
2007 - 2010Francisco Javier Bonilla EscobarUniversidad del Valle
2004 - 2005 Tatiana Álvarez MarínUniversidad CES
2002 - 2004 Melissa Ortiz LópezUniversidad del Valle
2001 - 2002 Ricardo Gómez OssaUniversidad Tecnológica de Pereira
2000 - 2001 Javier Mauricio Castillo CortesUniversidad Libre
1989 - 1990Ulahy Beltrán López (Presidente Interino)Universidad del Norte

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