Mission and Vision


Interact seeking the common good, thus creating a means of participation and interaction with the community for the undergraduate medical students in Colombia.

As a student’s organization, it is a space for expression and academic strengthening with active participation in the fields of scientific research and community outreach, which ensures the creation and transmission of knowledge and know-how (expertise). In addition, it is characterized by the following operating principles: responsibility, efficiency, effectiveness, commitment and ethics.


In practice, the Association must be an interactive actor that stimulates scientific research in the health area, extension and integration among its members and the community from each one of its activities. Its members will participate as a critical and constructive community of each scientific and human action.

Its work is characterized by planned and formative performance, supported by the development of knowledge to ensure the presence in the different academic, scientific, social and environmental processes.

Did you know that: Our logo represents the abstraction of two representative elements of medicine, the stethoscope and the DNA symbol. Its colors evoke tranquility, security and continuity.

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